Chibi neko gurl doodle

04/25/2018 15:42
WHAT? ZEFURO COULD DRAW CHIBI????? not really, im just taking a breakfrom my overly complex story animations ^_^, if you have a bad day, just remember, this cat gurl believes in you! :3
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Kotsuko 05/13/2018 17:41
Now just add the statement "Onii-chan...!" next to her head inside a yellow speech bubble outlined with thick black. Perfect.
THEROLEPLAYER_ 05/07/2018 21:22
wait i saw this on chibi tutorial on YT.
zefuro 05/02/2018 09:04
ItsDangAva 05/01/2018 17:34
This is so Cute!
takashisenpai18 04/26/2018 22:40
so cute~
DaleksOfSkaro 04/26/2018 20:40
canadian-leaf205, The preview has a limiter on colors to speed up loading.
Awkward__Artist 04/26/2018 19:37
I want a black and teal version of that sweater
izzyrocks 04/26/2018 18:30
THEROLEPLAYER_ 04/26/2018 17:20