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01/06/2017 14:06
just a doodle, it would be a dragon fight animation but my mouse was too shakey? Guess this is going in the sandbox too ;-;
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DustShine 01/06/2017 14:15
savanadog, well you a passer so it will get in oldschool anyways XD Besides your really good!!!
savanadog 01/06/2017 14:11
DustShine, thanks :D was playing around, i thought of adding another dragony thing in the background and maybe they would have powers like flame out of mouths/glowing eyes/ spikey backs...

If lazyness doesn't roll me over, it might have a place in oldschool :^)
DustShine 01/06/2017 14:09
Aw I would really like seeing it! I really love your dragon too!!!