12/28/2017 15:38
"We got a deal?" Ahhh, I had so much fun with this! ;w; Character is Bill Cypher who is from the show Gravity Falls which belongs to Alex Hirsch. And some awesome peeps I thought about during this: @shadowworst , @flare-tale , @5OUL , @AnnikatheLlama , and @-coti . You all give me inspiration and I thank you for that! >w< Well, enjoy I guess, lol. I guess this is a loopity-loop thing. >w>
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Fluffowuffo 02/16/2018 17:45
sugarpacket, Thank you! X3
sugarpacket 02/16/2018 15:55
damn thes is gooodn
Fluffowuffo 01/17/2018 19:52
Glitchtale, Thanks! :D
Glitchtale 01/17/2018 19:25
Fluffowuffo 01/14/2018 14:37
The1, Yea lol XD
The1 01/14/2018 14:09
Fluffowuffo 01/14/2018 13:45
TinyToons, Female Bill? XD
TinyToons 01/14/2018 13:31
TinyToons, i cosplayed as him
Xxx_DORITO_xxX 01/14/2018 13:31
TinyToons 01/14/2018 13:31
i was a female bill for halloween