Reverse!¡! Preview (200th T00N)

04/09/2017 21:26
Description of the story will be in the comment section.
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imjustweird2004 12/08/2017 18:41
i just noticed that it says " coming soon 'maybe' "
imjustweird2004 12/01/2017 19:51
thus story sounds dope
narwhale220 04/10/2017 08:11
Terrible_Fate 04/09/2017 22:11
Oh shit- That was a lot more people than I anticipated. XD Thank you! ;w;
Yuki142080 04/09/2017 21:57
nines 04/09/2017 21:56
oh man, this is well done -- you have a very nice writing style on top of things as well jeez
Kalem 04/09/2017 21:53
yoooo this is rad as fuck
FenrisUnbound 04/09/2017 21:51
Terrible_Fate 04/09/2017 21:42
Have you ever seen a sky so dark during the day?

Or a forest with green bark, pink and purple leaves casting shade onto the ground?

How about a nation that named their children after what they lacked? Or what weaknesses they had? Eyeless, Fearless, Unworthy, Unhappy. All keepsakes that run through the family to represent the emulation of humanity.

If you haven't ever heard of such a place, and are even starting to think this place might be a work of imagination, then you couldn't possibly understand how shocked I was to find out such a place existed. Or how frightened I was to find myself saved by the very people who lived there.

It wasn't under normal circumstances that I crash-landed here. No... This new world has had humans teleported here since as far as they could record. Doctors, pilots, cargo ships filled with men. All from different parts of the world.

I was brought here for a reason, but who's to say why?

The longer I stay here, however... The longer they stare at me like I'm a precious nick-nack of the human world....

Is this no different from how we treat others back at home?

And how is it that these new friends of mine can overlook my differences? And how is it that I've gotten used to theirs?

Fruits that tasted like ours but carried different names, clothes that resembled our own but catered to a wider variety of people. Tragic pasts, bloodcurdling familial travesties, the destruction of a full race to harness immortality. Almost everything here was appalling to me at first, confusing. Even the history and the way people act is different here. But...

Once I realized everything was just the opposite from my world, and that there were people here that were kind....

That means there are people just as evil in mine...

So until Mouthless, Sightless, and I find the way back to my world, I hope to heal the pain that has shaken the world since the intrusion of humanity.

And in turn, I hope they heal me.
bevvo 04/09/2017 21:36
This is amazing! Hope to see more of it!