The R0YALS Show with honeybear

11/04/2017 14:51
Hmm... Notice anything different? Check comments for interview (it take a sec to copy and paste everything) - Fluff
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R0YALS 01/02/2018 20:20
AnnikatheLlama, >w> - Fluff
AnnikatheLlama 12/31/2017 11:05
what what what im so confused
-but honeybears-
R0YALS 12/02/2017 20:04
As per the new organization of the group account, each current member's most recent toon will be shown in the album rather than their toon folder.

So if you'd like to see more of The R0YALS Show's toons, please visit this toon:
R0YALS 11/12/2017 15:51
aND_sTEVEN_SUAU_, Thanks! - Fluff
aND_sTEVEN_SUAU_ 11/04/2017 14:58
Oh man that looks cool :0
R0YALS 11/04/2017 14:55
Fluff: Well hello there fellow tooners! Today's episode of The R0YALS Show is different, because... Well, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, why am I sitting in the host's chair? Easy answer: I will be interviewing our very own host of The R0YALS Show, Honeybearrrr! Now here with our birthday bear, this episode's intervewee, how're ya doin' today Honey?

Honey: Aw shucks UwU I never expected this to happen, or at least so soon. But i'm doing fairly well!

Fluff: Well, I honestly did not either, but since learning today that it is currently your 12th birthday, right? I figured that I should do this since you're an amazing friend and deserve the love and attention.~<3 And I'm glad to hear that you're doing well! Now, are you ready for leh questions?

Honey: Awww you're too nice, but yeah! Ask away!

Fluff: Alright! So first question: What do you think about how far R0YALS has come to be?

Honey: Honestly, I think its come pretty far from its creation. When it first came out it was a major thing, LOTS of people wanting to join, but now its calmed down quite a bit. While there are still people wanting to join, the blaze the group began with is more of a sparkle now. Though, I still think the group is doing pretty good nonetheless. Lots of great people and I've been able to interview some people I really look up too thanks to it.

Fluff: That's nice to hear, and thank you for the honest feedback! Next question, sort of a follow-up to how you mentioned the previous interviewees: Who is your favorite person you've interviewed so far?

Honey: Oh shoot, um, I've really enjoyed interviewing everyone so far, but a big moment for me toonator wise was when I got to interview and just talk with 5OUL. I've looked up to em' for a while they're a really cool person. I never expected toonator to be such a big part of my life lol

Fluff: I'm not sure anyone expects Toonator to become merged with their lifetimes, but I'm glad to hear about that! Now... Hmm... Question, question, question... *you can hear me muttering under my breath* *I stay silent for a moment, then ask my question* What do you think about the many ideas people have come up with for the group account, and do you have any yourself?

Honey: Well, many of the ideas seem fairly good, but I only really have one. I think one of the reasons people aren't following the rules is because they're so extensive, and that makes it harder to remember. I think if we shortened the rules, not getting rid of them, but summarizing them into an easy to remember list, we could get more successful guidelines. I also think that the whole government feel sometimes makes me feel like theres a little too much pressure when i make smth thats not The R0YALS Show but its not that big of an complaint.

Fluff: Yes, the rules are something that still need to be addressed in an easier-to-understand way. I shall try to work on that after this interview and an animation I am currently working on. Also, government feel? I guess it does have that sort of feel, but I have tried to reduce it to be more friendly, more relaxing. I'm glad to hear your feedback! Now, final question: How do you feel about being a year older since today is your birthday?

Honey: For the past month or so I pretty much said "hey, you're nearly twelve, just just pretend you're not eleven" so i've been used to being twelve longer then I've been twelve lol. Also, today was my age reveal. At first I was careful to talk about personal stuff on toon but then I realized, toon is the LAST place a stalker would go. So I've been a lil' more open with my friends. In fact, Im going to my friend's house later today and Im going to film a FACE REVEAL >:3 Anyways I've gotten off track, Im excited to be a year older now!

Fluff: Ah, all of that sounds exciting, and I'm glad to be able to hear your feedback and to interview you! Now, anything you'd like to add before the episode's end?

Honey: Thank you! Now you get to know how I feel making the R0YALS show >:3 Thanks for the happy birthday wishes and have a great day!

Fluff: No problem, you're welcome, and have a nice day yourself!~<3 *episode ends*
Jello_1 11/04/2017 14:53
it would be funny to see a honeybear clone interviewing a honeybear