10/08/2017 05:52
Your turn @the-catmaster :D So much lipsync... but that was good practice ^^
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ChangelingPL 10/09/2017 07:30
the_catmaster 10/09/2017 07:25
2434, It's ok, I know I can't.
(ps this is my other acc)
SuperToast 10/08/2017 23:15

vomits kittens and rainbows
2434 10/08/2017 21:17
the-catmaster, Sorry. But you can't Disable the continue button.
the-catmaster 10/08/2017 20:21
2434, I didn't mean that nobody could continue my work I'm just saying that asking the creator to continue their toon is important because it's nicer if you ask. Maybe the creator doesn't want any continues. The creator has the right to not let anybody continue. We made these ourselves.
I don't want to start a flamewar here so if you want to have one just pm me.
2434 10/08/2017 20:05
the-catmaster, The possibility of continuation different toons you like is one of Toonator's features allowing anyone to continue or change others works. In this case the original will be surely showen near continuation at the well-seen place. Here is not forbidden to continue and change! Otherwise, this button just wouldn't exist. If you don't accept the fact that your work can be continued — Toonator is not for you. Don't banish and cry at those who have continued your work.
the-catmaster 10/08/2017 19:06
dumboguy423, please do not continue any of our toons without permission
dumboguy423 10/08/2017 15:00
this is the winner.
ChangelingPL 10/08/2017 11:52
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I 10/08/2017 11:38
LETS GO ALOES -clap clap clap clap clap- LETS GO ALOES