Halloween Contest!~<3

10/01/2017 00:36
Well, I saw other people doing this, and thought "why not do this as well?" So here's a contest for you guys! ^w^ I will be doing contests monthly now, with this being the 2nd one (first was on @R0YALS)! Rules: Use only from the palette; blending is allowed. You do not have to draw it creepy; you may draw a cute Halloween drawing if you'd like. I don't want any rudeness to other participants, but I do urge honest and well-thought-out critique. Anyone may enter, and the contest ends on October 28th. No late entries allowed unless you have valid reasoning (pm me about it). If there are any more rules I come up with, I will put them in the comments since I feel that this is too long. ;w; Hope you guys enjoy this!~<3 Also I've started to memorize some Wing Dings letters, so isn't that fun? -w-
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pokemations 10/16/2017 13:42
i took 5 minutes of my time, 4 dis crap
-indie- 10/15/2017 15:25
Fiona__ 10/15/2017 14:18
Fluffowuffo 10/14/2017 17:24
AnnikatheLlama, That's the point, lol

Petko is part of a species, and this creature is a demon of the species, so that's why it resembles Petko some
AnnikatheLlama 10/14/2017 16:59
R0YALS, (he still looks like a demonic Petko though, huh)
R0YALS 10/14/2017 16:22
Alright, so I think that this little demon dude is gonna be named Yaroslava! So that's his name now folks, haha - Fluff
Hhhiii 10/14/2017 16:12
Fluffowuffo 10/14/2017 16:09
Hhhiii, Probs the first 3 places, and then maybe the two below can be honorable mentions.
Hhhiii 10/14/2017 16:00
Also- ARe you gonna list all the entry's rankings or just top 3/5/10 idk
Fluffowuffo 10/14/2017 15:59
Kar336, Yes! There will be a first, second, and third place and each will get a prize. :)