brofist I guess

01/06/2017 09:07
more like gayfist lolol ok jk
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_-_mad_hatter_-_ 01/12/2017 09:02
this is good but 39 fucking spiders????
onionsan 01/07/2017 14:50
QueenMom, JewishCyclops, Rayannbow, Thank you for the support ^^ Yes I took way more time to do that other one, it got me slightly upset to see that no one noticed at all haha, but oh well.
onionsan 01/07/2017 14:49
SaltiestPearl, Is that bad?
onionsan 01/07/2017 14:49
iiJarOfHearts, QueenMom, I have no idea who Stephano is lol
Blade_Knight_row 01/06/2017 23:23
QueenMom, same
QueenMom 01/06/2017 22:54
JewishCyclops, I think it's more gp worthy because of how well animated and thoughtful. It is
And I hate yuri on ice
JewishCyclops 01/06/2017 20:11
Rayannbow, was it because it was "yuuri on ice" related?
Rayannbow 01/06/2017 19:56
the 'practice' toon u made probably deserved gp more than this one
SaltiestPearl 01/06/2017 19:08
one colorblip its killing me
iiJarOfHearts 01/06/2017 19:03
Is that Stephano or some random dude :D