11/12/2017 23:41


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Eatme10times 06/30/2018 21:01
i remember seeing this character with a black mouse in a music video my class and i had to watch for music class cause of music affecting the animation or video or something like that :0, looks really good btw
Internut 02/23/2018 22:52
Wylieguy, Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up, I really wasn't sure if he was talking about the animation or if it was a joke or something. I just hate it when people think just because there better than people at stuff, doesn't mean they have the right to do whatever they want :)
Wylieguy 02/23/2018 21:27
Internut When he said "Oo, sorry man. That sucks." I think he was responding to when I mentioned the music failed to upload properly. He actually paid a compliment.->"Very good!" I appreciate you taking the defensive position though!
Internut 02/23/2018 01:12
TKninjas, would you shut your mouth? You'd think that because your an animator you'd be polite to people who are lower rank than you but noooooooooo you have to go round being a bitch!

btw, if you were joking I'm sorry about that I'm just very defensive when it comes to stuff like this...
relationships 11/15/2017 12:29
Oh, I like it!
TKninjas 11/13/2017 21:56
Oo, sorry man. That sucks.
Wylieguy 11/13/2017 21:38
Oh well, what can you do?
Wylieguy 11/13/2017 21:29
Darn. I uploaded the music finally, but it cut off prematurely
TKninjas 11/13/2017 10:08
Very good!
iigigislayz 11/13/2017 07:27
Do you ever have a dreams um.. That you um- You had you would- you could do- you would- you wanted to do so much you could do anything?