♥ Just Monika ♥

01/07/2018 01:27
Sorry, this is a bit sloppy. I am a bit tired today. I hope you like it! ♥ ♥ ♥
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AnnieTheCreator 01/21/2018 13:19
S L O P P Y???
how dare you say that
SGandQuatstudio 01/13/2018 10:02
Projectcomment 01/12/2018 18:46
TarynStar, no way! Just look at that amazing shading, and dang, her body proportions are spot on!
TarynStar 01/12/2018 17:31
Projectcomment, eh not really. i'm still terrible at art as always, :D
Projectcomment 01/12/2018 17:29
Wow.... you have improved so much since i last saw you!
Awkward__Artist 01/11/2018 06:07
Monika: you really left Sayori 'hanging'
monikaa 01/07/2018 14:47
AnnieTheCreator 01/07/2018 09:15
Delete your worries!
Beat your competotion!
You're a cut above the rest!
Hang in there!
Dodobroking11 01/07/2018 01:44
maiacreates12214, its the best one i seen on toon so far
TarynStar 01/07/2018 01:41
maiacreates12214, psh that's not true, but thanks