08/12/2017 00:09
Don't you hate getting pulled into the etherial plane and getting spit out while you're working, smh. This was fun, rip lil dude
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maiacreates12214 09/23/2017 16:57
bendy and the ink machine?
UZEX_Animates 08/13/2017 16:52
katyagar 08/13/2017 00:07
TKninjas 08/12/2017 19:46
Wow, this is incredible. You didn't copy a single frame and the movement is so smooth!
Powerlifter 08/12/2017 10:39
Well heck dude, welcome back and nice work
zefuro 08/12/2017 03:17
sword art online...toonator arc?
moham1 08/12/2017 00:50
Deliriiious, do you draw this way whenever you make a toon? If so i am proud.
Deliriiious 08/12/2017 00:48
moham1, Boy wha t
moham1 08/12/2017 00:47
Effeardo 08/12/2017 00:38
Okay i'm 100% sure this will win