i cant draw on trackpad

04/29/2018 16:53
lol this is shit but i left my mark ;0)
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DarrenInAgony 04/29/2018 17:09
120tea 04/29/2018 17:08
DarrenInAgony, me? Salty? I’ll never do such a thing! For what purpose would it bestow upon me if I decide to be a unkind person? I am simply just responding to your comment, is that such a crime? No, no, that’s absurd!
DarrenInAgony 04/29/2018 17:06
Nice to see some salt just for saying I use a trackpad
120tea 04/29/2018 17:04
DarrenInAgony, is that so? Well, that’s just marvelous! Bravo indeed, bravo!
DarrenInAgony 04/29/2018 16:58
I draw with a trackpad