08/13/2017 01:09
He's still trying to get the hang of the whole sheep thing...
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Duskstorm 02/21/2018 17:05
It looks like a leggy :3
KaTaLeYa236 10/09/2017 08:59
ZackTMGlol 10/02/2017 23:46
I love how u draw wolves
heyimlonesplashy 08/29/2017 12:36
this deserves more medals
king_kartoon 08/18/2017 15:45
love it dude!
__FusH__ 08/16/2017 01:42
Toon of the Day!
FoxDoodler 08/15/2017 15:19
Deliriiious, Np! And tysm ^^
Deliriiious 08/15/2017 15:18
FoxDoodler, Yea that's alright! And thank you :'0!!
FoxDoodler 08/15/2017 14:55
Deliriiious, Hey, before I go, is it fine if I share this on Google+? I just wanted to make sure it was okay >-< Full credit will go to you, if you're worried! Also, this is an amazing animation!! You inspire me so much tbh.
Deliriiious 08/14/2017 13:34
keye, That me