So.. this was in my drafts....

02/19/2017 18:36
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LemonBite 02/21/2017 19:32
Animation_PoPato, ahHHHHHHH D: rumble, Thank you!
Animation_PoPato 02/20/2017 09:41
LemonBite, now that is the curse it tricks you AND THEN before you know it you will be spamming drafts until you have to make drafts to spaaam DUNN DUN DUUNNNN
rumble 02/20/2017 06:06
LemonBite 02/19/2017 19:13
Animation_PoPato, But I wasn't? I just posted it because I thought it was okay for oldschool and I wanted to share it? And I only posted one draft, it's not like I was spamming them or anything. I didn't even know that other people were posting them until after I posted my draft...
Animation_PoPato 02/19/2017 19:04
LemonBite, no one shall know the curse to this disaster, but dear child don't shit post your old draaaaaaftsss
LemonBite 02/19/2017 18:38
Oh, I just realized everyone is posting their old drafts. pfff