For Anchor

07/16/2017 17:18
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broken_anchor 07/18/2017 01:10
Zeecless 07/18/2017 00:46
Starcat_animates, you go on your profile, and click where youravatar can be.

but your avater cant have too many frames . i think 8 frames is the limit
Starcat_animates 07/17/2017 19:59
This is so cute! I love your drawing style! Also does anyone know how to change a avatar? I just joined so i was just wondering
CinderivyOwO 07/17/2017 18:17
lovely ^^
narvhale220 07/17/2017 16:13
Woah. That's so cute ^-^
SuruSuruWo 07/16/2017 22:08
so good
Rorii 07/16/2017 19:15
Meh I would like fanart but- That sounds greedy and you don't even know me so XD
broken_anchor 07/16/2017 18:07
ny oo m
EndlessStyless 07/16/2017 17:51
Babbage, i know but it pisses me off :D
but ill stop
Babbage 07/16/2017 17:40
yall stop feeding them :/