07/02/2018 11:37
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-SherlockHolmes- 07/12/2018 06:31
NatCatArtist18, Very very carefully.
NatCatArtist18 07/04/2018 16:23
bruh how
-SherlockHolmes- 07/04/2018 13:59
FitzRoy, Thank you
FitzRoy 07/04/2018 13:27
Great job, it looks epic!
LizWiz 07/03/2018 16:49
NatCatArtist18, yes, best series ever.
NatCatArtist18 07/03/2018 11:13
PicklesWithFruit, you know WINGS OF FIRE too?
-SherlockHolmes- 07/03/2018 08:33
PicklesWithFruit, It does haha
PicklesWithFruit 07/03/2018 08:16
PicklesWithFruit, oops nvm I see the comment.
PicklesWithFruit 07/03/2018 08:16
It looks like a seawing. Whatever it's supposed to be I just think it looks like one. Anyways
That's cool!
FG_FatalHydra 07/02/2018 23:11
Okay but really I was referencing a stroke of genius of a friend from dominus. His name was Pie, and he was a damn genius for coming up with "Tucking Fypo".