01/01/2017 11:23
haha been so long here.. aah sorry for not active here =v=;... i rlly miss u all maybe a lil chat ey ? oh and i might miiiiiight make more lazy animation hhh.. ~
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yosomonsuta 01/01/2017 21:14
Sanboy, SmolChild, yes child
im back~

Maybe blue will come back
who knows
Sanboy 01/01/2017 14:50
yosomonsuta, HELLO, SENSEI
seal77972 01/01/2017 14:35
yosomonsuta, i wonder if Blue is coming back
SmolChild 01/01/2017 13:56
(this is Jaiden of course :V)
yosomonsuta 01/01/2017 13:41
seal77972, there there im sure people will stop hatin ya ~

Yuki142080, hello child :"D ~<3
seal77972 01/01/2017 13:33
And more people hate me then before. and i hate my self 99999999999X more
seal77972 01/01/2017 13:32
Did you miss me? It's been so long since last i've seen you!
seal77972 01/01/2017 13:30
i missed you
Yuki142080 01/01/2017 13:25
YOSO!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLAD YOUR BACK!!
yosomonsuta 01/01/2017 13:08
yosomonsuta, whoops double times
ignore diz one