New pfp??

01/02/2018 20:41
Id i just wanted to try something asthetic..Song that inspired me:
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Luluzz 01/13/2018 13:45
MissHorror123, No problem :D
MissHorror123 01/13/2018 13:44
Luluzz, also thanks¡¡ <3
MissHorror123 01/13/2018 13:44
Luluzz, Oh my D:

It's okay¡¡ Anyways its just small¡¡ and no it wasnt..i guess i didin't see that..Eh..fix it later..but it wont get gp tho ((My bf was the one who gave me gp))
Luluzz 01/13/2018 13:43
Is there an uncolored stop on the sweater on purpose? Sorry for noticing the smallest things xD. Good job!
-AshFlame- 01/13/2018 13:30
MissHorror123 01/13/2018 13:21
-AshFlame-, Awee thanks uwu
-AshFlame- 01/13/2018 13:20
It looks wonderful! ^w^
MissHorror123 01/13/2018 13:05
MissHorror123 01/13/2018 13:05
Gene_The_Emoji 01/13/2018 12:54