09/13/2017 03:04
I HAVE NO IDEA. why my toons that are coloured are not showing in colourful for??? i THINK someone here hates me and is trying to get me to be archeologist again..but...idk? plz dont put things that are really good in colourful back in sandbox, this goes for everyones art, not just mine please <3
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R0YALS 09/25/2017 20:42
HoneyRifle, Thats not the right user -bright
HoneyRifle 09/25/2017 20:40
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I, yea, that user is stoopid
I-IdoubtfurbyI-I 09/25/2017 16:56
remember when you were rude to Hihello68_
HoneyRifle 09/17/2017 17:46
JayTheArtist, lol wtf is going on here ;w;
the discussion is over soooo ye
JayTheArtist 09/17/2017 13:41
BrightZ-XX 09/17/2017 13:41
JayTheArtist, **she

Nice reason
JayTheArtist 09/17/2017 13:40
BrightZ-XX, He asked for our option and he didn't like it so he raged.
BrightZ-XX 09/17/2017 13:38
JayTheArtist 09/17/2017 13:38
BrightZ-XX, I'm mad at the original creator so I don't care
BrightZ-XX 09/17/2017 13:37
JayTheArtist, we are spamming the original creator