"W-what are you...?"

01/12/2018 19:44
Not sure what else to add, plus the title just came to me randomly, so yeah. *shrugs* Enjoy this doodle of the artist posting rn (yes, that's a doodle of me. Still working on a style, but I'd say that I'm coming along nicely. uwu) Enjoy staring at me about to get murdered. X'D Carry on uwu
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Fluffowuffo 01/20/2018 01:10
Fait_, O-okay...
Fluffowuffo 01/20/2018 01:10
Fait_, O-okay...
Fait_ 01/20/2018 00:57
Didn't say. That
Fluffowuffo 01/20/2018 00:19
Fait_, You lazy?
Fait_ 01/20/2018 00:17
Ehh i dont necessarily wanna look.
Fluffowuffo 01/19/2018 23:26
RetaCurve, honestly,hisfaceisbeautiful *coughs*

So you plan to save me rather than try to kill me like, what, 2-3 people have already been tryin' to do? >w> That's a nice change
RetaCurve 01/19/2018 23:25
Fluffowuffo, Hitman will get shot in his beautiful face >:c
Fluffowuffo 01/19/2018 23:15
RetaCurve, (Wait

So are you pointing the gun at me, or the hitman?)
RetaCurve 01/19/2018 23:10
Hands up were I can see em! ( >.>) >r--
Fluffowuffo 01/19/2018 22:27
Fait_, How do you know that there isn't a higher-paying job out there than being a hitman?