'ah!- Hey!'

09/10/2017 10:28
never played Ink Man machine
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ShySans 09/12/2017 22:34
The Creator LIED To Us
(i never played it either but i know about it)
AelanDraw 09/12/2017 19:05
tristananimator1, its probably because it has a good story and its scary
susimi 09/12/2017 18:44
tristananimator1, no idea.

he's fun to draw though.
tristananimator1 09/12/2017 17:30
what is people's obsession with bendy and the ink machine
Undertale_anims 09/12/2017 16:27
ha! get it? toon? he's a cartoon and he's the toon of the day!!! =D
Undertale_anims 09/12/2017 16:24
Awkward__Artist 09/11/2017 18:00
redpoopplays_YT, I thought he was looking at the description
NyanDogeKat 09/11/2017 12:56
bendy boy
infernothekitty 09/11/2017 11:39
redpoopplays_YT 09/11/2017 05:25
he looking at the toon next to him