two bros

10/04/2018 15:35
the edgy and the cutie >: 3
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mixjestiic 10/20/2018 03:12
alright guys
stop with this vine just because the title says 'two bros' -_-
its spamming the comment section and the vine is not really funny anymore
it says two bros cause theyre fUC KING bros.
they're brothers
not chilling in anywhere
they're just zooming in to the toon and showing their symbol
nothing special
i worked hard into this toon and honestly it makes this toon worthless just with the two bros vine
seriously guys, stop.
RobloxianCats 10/20/2018 03:09
2 bros,
chillin in toonator
five feet apart cause they're not gay
_Menvis007_ 10/04/2018 21:36
This is amazing!!! love this clean lines!!
Cherii 10/04/2018 18:24
Elle_5, damn you
Cherii 10/04/2018 18:24
chillin in the hot tub
5 feet apart cause theyre not gay
Squibby 10/04/2018 18:17
2 BR000000S jk
Sketched-hope 10/04/2018 17:55
mixjestiic 10/04/2018 17:53
*looks at the title*
now i get whats happening
mixjestiic 10/04/2018 17:52
Grimmm, thanks a lot man xD you started this whole hot tub shi t
mixjestiic 10/04/2018 17:52