preview lies

12/26/2017 23:29
my coon bb


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Lillypet3 04/02/2018 21:19
* shrugs * I dunno what to do.
coonkid 12/31/2017 10:11
fade_, oh sorry i can't tell genders easily
mh thank god
maybe you could make animals that people suggest into ocs?
like um
a chinchilla
a hyena
fade_ 12/31/2017 02:02
coonkid, it's a her and idc if it looks simular i'm just running out of content
fade_ 12/31/2017 02:01
Lillypet3, copy the link of it and then past it in the comment
Lillypet3 12/30/2017 19:41
Wow, drawing this raccoon for me is actully..Fun!
coonkid 12/30/2017 19:19
fade_, mh they look real similar
sorr y i didn't see hi m
Lillypet3 12/30/2017 18:58
How do i add a animation to a comment??
fade_ 12/30/2017 18:58
right here
fade_ 12/30/2017 18:57
coonkid 12/30/2017 10:43
fade_, do ye have a picture of some sort?