Regaining passer be like

09/10/2017 21:31
I be in my second passer life boiiiii B3 Oh! And two fun facts about my animations: 1. I animate them with a mouse. 2. I RARELY ever sketch my animations. I mostly just wing them. :U I do sketch drawings, though, lol. XD Anyways, thanks to all my friends who helped me through this!!!!~<3 *hugs* >w<
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Fluffowuffo 09/16/2017 12:48
Panda986, Thanks, but

You are late to this X'D But, hey, we're passer buddies again! ^w^
Panda986 09/16/2017 12:28
YES! Congratulation For Ya!!
honeybear 09/16/2017 08:08
Fluffowuffo 09/15/2017 22:31
AnnikatheLlama, WAIT, WHAT? X''''DDDDD
AnnikatheLlama 09/15/2017 22:30
Fluffowuffo, 'challenge accepted
Fluffowuffo 09/15/2017 22:26
honeybear, And we're.just making it more, lol
honeybear 09/15/2017 22:25
Fluffowuffo, many comments
Fluffowuffo 09/15/2017 22:15
honeybear 09/15/2017 22:12
Fluffowuffo, its 145 comments (146 now hehe)
honeybear 09/15/2017 22:11
Fluffowuffo, lemme check