Regaining passer be like

09/10/2017 21:31
I be in my second passer life boiiiii B3 Oh! And two fun facts about my animations: 1. I animate them with a mouse. 2. I RARELY ever sketch my animations. I mostly just wing them. :U I do sketch drawings, though, lol. XD Anyways, thanks to all my friends who helped me through this!!!!~<3 *hugs* >w<
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Fluffowuffo 04/23/2018 22:50
Meep, how did I used to draw and animate like this cutie right here

Why did I ever hide this from my album dajroie
Fluffowuffo 12/07/2017 08:37
SingToTheMoon, I made sure that I made all of the requirements before sending in a request via the settings page, then sent in a request

After that, the mods review your request then decide if you are worthy

And if so, you are appointed passer
SingToTheMoon 12/07/2017 06:29
how you are passer?
Fluffowuffo 11/17/2017 22:41
Fikyrie, Awww, yw!~<3 ;w;
Fikyrie 11/17/2017 19:54
This was the very first toon I saw when I looked on to toonator for the first time. Thanks for creating these great toons!
Fluffowuffo 09/30/2017 21:22
Mcflurrydog06, PFFT, I was never popular during my first passer life X'D Heck, I abused my passer power

I animated way too often, didn't try hard on my toons, and it eventually led to my demise and demotion
Mcflurrydog06 09/30/2017 20:36
-AshFlame- 09/30/2017 20:35
Mcflurrydog06 09/30/2017 20:34
yeah I know I'm just exaggerating XD
-AshFlame- 09/30/2017 20:31
Mcflurrydog06, Sandbox isnt a trash hole. It's where the demotes go