01/12/2018 09:41
okay so this is me working on perspective, ( if u have any tips let em out!) this is a repost just for a different audience, i dident want to erase the guide lines cuz i accually kind of like it like that (meaning i was lazy and will do it when im not)


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_Disaster_ 01/15/2018 18:37
Kotsuko, sure go ahead
Kotsuko 01/15/2018 16:04
Can I have permission to design this or colour this??? :D
_Disaster_ 01/15/2018 13:42
Serulii 01/15/2018 13:31
yes!! this deserved toon of the day!!
_Disaster_ 01/15/2018 11:26
imatoaster, thank you and sure
imatoaster 01/15/2018 11:13
omg can you help me! your flying is so good! i have a flight post i posted a few mins ago and i was wondering if you could give me tips?
yumbacon 01/15/2018 10:35
_Disaster_, awesome*
yumbacon 01/15/2018 10:35
_Disaster_,lol well its awsome!
_Disaster_ 01/15/2018 10:30
yumbacon, ^^ qqawsed, lol idk how to answer that cuz i dont even remember XD
_Disaster_ 01/15/2018 10:30
RANDOMGIRL4, thanks random ( btw im the same person with the JayCanDraw account^^)