Dat Aim

08/14/2018 17:56
Another contest.. :D Not very good but still cool in my opinion.
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FG_FatalHydra 08/22/2018 08:21
DaleksOfSkaro, I just don't have the time nowadays to do good animations. I will do an explosion one that I'll spend a lot of time on tho.
DaleksOfSkaro 08/21/2018 21:42
FG_FatalHydra, yeah like only an hour like tf i can barley do a single frame in 20 minutes like tf
FG_FatalHydra 08/21/2018 21:39
DaleksOfSkaro, much more time lol
DaleksOfSkaro 08/21/2018 21:38
uh, fg, dont lie to yourself, you are in most definitely passer quality if that was less than a god damn hour, more time, and you would be FAAAR better than me.
FG_FatalHydra 08/21/2018 19:02
FG_Insidious, lol sorry bruh, git on meh level.
Arii2Last, Thanks!
Arii2Last 08/20/2018 17:42
FG_Insidious 08/18/2018 16:26
Wow. You've definitely demoted me as senpai, wd </3
NatCatArtist18 08/16/2018 20:29
FG_FatalHydra, ASDF movies
NatCatArtist18 08/16/2018 20:29
FG_FatalHydra 08/14/2018 22:06
If I was really trying to make this passer quality I'd make the bow more solid, give it detail and more shape. Make it smoother as well, make the apple on the stump smaller in that picture to give more effect, and refine it. I'd make the ending all just in slow motion and detail the arrow, and exploding apple.