09/08/2017 22:09
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RynboRazMaTaz 10/27/2017 21:43
sir i came to call you about your anchor, it's broken.
Squgglez 09/28/2017 21:33
__FusH__ 09/09/2017 02:17
This is asbolutely beautiful.
Cookie-Star 09/08/2017 22:57
broken_anchor, It can get frustrating at times though, unless I miraculously have the patience for something
broken_anchor 09/08/2017 22:33
Cookie-Star, nice nice
Cookie-Star 09/08/2017 22:33
broken_anchor, Oh, cool! :0 I've been using a mouse for over 4 years, haha :'3
broken_anchor 09/08/2017 22:19
-Hydra-, Cookie-Star, uhh for tablet its been a good 2-3 years.

I used a hand me down, got a Wacom, and then recently got another Wacom just an updated version.
-Hydra- 09/08/2017 22:18
broken_anchor, wat tablet wacom?
i use a trackpad :(
Cookie-Star 09/08/2017 22:18
broken_anchor, Oh, cool! How long have you been using one? I'mbroke,haha
broken_anchor 09/08/2017 22:17
Cookie-Star, yes I use tablet.