wing practice

02/12/2018 12:51
hmmmmmmm...... im bored
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zefuro 02/12/2018 17:54
Fluffowuffo 02/12/2018 17:49
I just love the detail in thisss

You even made the hairs on his head sway TwT
zefuro 02/12/2018 16:40
Sp3ctrum, will keep this in mind
zefuro 02/12/2018 16:40
Sp3ctrum, thanks,
Sp3ctrum 02/12/2018 16:39
cool, would've liked to see the cloths have a bit more motion? ya know, since the wind is blowing on the cloths, that it would just have that little amount of movement? Other then that, love the detail, wings a bit sharp, but again, love the detail, keep the great work up
zefuro 02/12/2018 16:32
LightedDarkness 02/12/2018 15:55
wow thats cool
SilverFrost 02/12/2018 14:41
noice dude ;D
zefuro 02/12/2018 13:40
jamesfeyart, oh...ok
jamesfeyart 02/12/2018 13:39
zefuro, just am XD