08/02/2017 02:17
my first animation on here, it's fun!
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Sunshineoftime 11/26/2017 21:31
ridiculous good <3 the expressions are amazing!
Heratani 11/24/2017 16:37
remmiehforlife, Abrahamlindberg, bespooked, TeddyBear4, Dragrawrxxx, TKninjas, pngn3, nalkum, Oh my gosh thank you guys so much!! I came back to see and WOW I didn't expect this at all! :D
remmiehforlife 11/21/2017 01:58
Abrahamlindberg 11/21/2017 00:20
bespooked 11/20/2017 23:18
I like your style
bespooked 11/20/2017 23:14
you are very good
bespooked 11/20/2017 23:14
TeddyBear4 11/20/2017 22:52
Your welcome for posting this is GP 0w0
I do think you deserve this position! I hope you enjoy the attention! ^w^
(I put this in a long time ago but never said anything xD)
Dragrawrxxx 11/20/2017 21:17
30th like, and oh this is INSPIRATION RH
TKninjas 11/20/2017 21:14
This is one of the best animations I've seen in a while!