Oh~ Pardon me

01/13/2018 23:30
I never even introduced myself! My name's Chad. I'm a demon, some say of dreams, but really it's just of the realm of the mindscape. Well, I guess feel free to ask me anything~ ;) - Chad (A character of mine I never introduced. And for those of you who *coughs*somehow*coughs* don't know, I am @Fluffowuffo )
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Fluffowuffo 01/15/2018 20:52
Mcflurrydog06, (Sorry that I'm on here; I'm animating) Chad: Oh, well that is a unique name, darling. :) Hello~
Mcflurrydog06 01/15/2018 16:27
wew hewwo im cleansa :)
IsThatFluffo 01/14/2018 12:31
-AshFlame-, Chad: I guess I'm just gifted. *shrugs* uwu
IsThatFluffo 01/14/2018 12:31
honeybear, Chad: Oh, thanks darling. I recently had it cut, so I was honestly feeling a bit off about how people would react to it. Really, I appreciate the feedback~
-AshFlame- 01/14/2018 12:28
Gosh, Chad, why do you look so cool? :0
honeybear 01/14/2018 12:23
IsThatFluffo 01/14/2018 00:09
-Hydra-, Chad: ... What? You may need to reword that sweetheart; I didn't catch a word of it.
-Hydra- 01/14/2018 00:07
IsThatFluffo, Hydra: Well, let's just see if yu COULD actually control it...
With him inside..
IsThatFluffo 01/14/2018 00:04
-Hydra-, Chad: *he just stares at it with the blankest expression ever, then chuckles with a smile* You really think you can scare me with this? I can bound mortals to chains, trapping them in their minds as I force them to watch the terrors I make them do with their body... And, in order to speak with you currently...

Aren't we in your mindscape? =)
IsThatFluffo 01/14/2018 00:02
TheGreenAngel, Chad: Understandable...