Oh~ Pardon me

01/13/2018 23:30
I never even introduced myself! My name's Chad. I'm a demon, some say of dreams, but really it's just of the realm of the mindscape. Well, I guess feel free to ask me anything~ ;) - Chad (A character of mine I never introduced. And for those of you who *coughs*somehow*coughs* don't know, I am @Fluffowuffo )
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Sweet_Pudding 07/13/2018 22:14
IsThatFluffo, (oh my dis a l8 reply)
Hidden: sure :T
IsThatFluffo 07/06/2018 12:46
Sweet_Pudding, (oof)

Chad: Oh.. So you don't know, then?
Sweet_Pudding 07/05/2018 20:55
IsThatFluffo, I just realized
*looks at the title*
pArdOn me- R u AArON BUrr, SIR?
sorry I had to)
Sweet_Pudding 07/05/2018 20:21
IsThatFluffo, Hidden: any I guess..?
IsThatFluffo 07/02/2018 03:38
Sweet_Pudding, Chad: Which forest..?
IsThatFluffo 07/02/2018 03:38
Jackson_, Chad: *hugs Kara back*
Sweet_Pudding 07/01/2018 01:35
IsThatFluffo, (*WhEEZe* please tell me why I'm dying from that XD)

hm.. sleep..hang out with friends, read?, maybe explore a forest for a bit *shrugs*
Jackson_ 07/01/2018 01:35
IsThatFluffo, Kara: *gives him a big ol chubb hug* UwU
IsThatFluffo 07/01/2018 01:33
Sweet_Pudding, (I thought maybe you'd find the possess bodies thing odd lol XD)

Chad: .. Is there anything you do while you "chill"?
IsThatFluffo 07/01/2018 01:32
Jackson_, Chad: Sure, darling~