tree tea

01/10/2018 16:50
they celebrated the tree tea of versailles with a good ol' cup of Earl Grey
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TheRealAaronBurr 01/20/2018 19:48
Cats_and_all wow, hi you're my new favourite person
_br0ken 01/11/2018 13:23
GreenSleeves, k cuz why not. I have infinite likes.. i'll give you some constructive feedback as well
GreenSleeves 01/11/2018 12:31
Really good animation!
I'll give you a like, and perhaps you'll consider giving my toon for this contest entry a like as well. :) Well done!
_br0ken 01/10/2018 21:20
glad you guys liked it. Somehow this toon doesn't appear anywhere
hunger-of-worst 01/10/2018 17:08
Cats_and_all 01/10/2018 16:55
When we were on debt's door when we were needy
We made a promise
We signed a TREE-TEA!!