How Akvavit met Axus

09/13/2017 17:22
Lord let this be synced
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5OUL 09/14/2017 22:47
Yan-chan_Ayano, You need 500 spiders first

And then go on over to Multator and insert the sound from there
Yan-chan_Ayano 09/14/2017 22:41
I've got a question... how do you put sound in? I need to know!
:3 I love this btw
5OUL 09/14/2017 22:16
KunaWolf 09/14/2017 21:46
5oul u are officially my favorite on this site
iaintdumb 09/14/2017 20:55
how do you make sound!!!
5OUL 09/14/2017 16:19
Weeps eternal tears
Irora-Agony 09/14/2017 16:12
Chaos55t 09/14/2017 16:08
5OUL, lol this is so funny
Yan-chan_Ayano 09/14/2017 15:45
ur meh gurd is amazing
AwesomeLN 09/14/2017 15:41
Oh my god, how do people draw on this