help ;-;

10/02/2018 00:41
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FoxFilms 10/03/2018 13:09
Lol mine is my first animatino so it is terrible X3
SacredZeraora 10/02/2018 13:33
SacredZeraora 10/02/2018 11:46
mixjestiic, maybe..
mixjestiic 10/02/2018 11:43
SacredZeraora, then that must be a glitch-
SacredZeraora 10/02/2018 10:34
mixjestiic, it was less than 5mb and was mp3
Cyn_ncuxoB_Akk 10/02/2018 03:26
mixjestiic 10/02/2018 03:01
music should be less than 5mb and format .mp3
dont ask me, i learnt that from one of my insps
Cyn_ncuxoB_Akk 10/02/2018 01:21
Cyn_ncuxoB_Akk, Man, I had the same problem.
Cyn_ncuxoB_Akk 10/02/2018 01:19
SacredZeraora, Maybe you should add MP3 music
SacredZeraora 10/02/2018 00:51
TheMemeist, wow i wasted my lifetime addin music and this is what my life has come to