Cut My Hair [MEME]

12/05/2017 04:36
this is not animation, I wanted to make it look like a video from YouTube... it's very difficult for me .. not comments .. please ..
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Hentai-Man 12/06/2017 10:45
relationships, Бывает:)
DarkAngel8687 12/06/2017 09:14
Heh:))Dont worry i think of cutting my hair for A LONG ASS TIME:))) (big btw comming warning!)BTW i love the meme!!How you do it?I really wish i haved tallent...
relationships 12/06/2017 05:54
relationships 12/06/2017 05:54
thanks to each of you! !!
MegCox 12/06/2017 03:03
animen256, конечно же ты единственный русский
Pika10Ages 12/06/2017 02:03
TomTord_shit 12/05/2017 22:07
honeybear 12/05/2017 18:59
Oh my goodness you're so talented
TheDerpyKitten 12/05/2017 16:32
I know that times can be tough, I am there too, and I know you asked for no comments but I couldn't help but say how amazing this is. I can see that you poured your emotions and hard work into this and it came out amazing. Just don't worry, I know it will get better at some point. I believe that you will persevere and find your way out of this.
Noodled 12/05/2017 16:05
beyter than i could ever draw