psa, boys

05/13/2018 20:25
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birbs 05/14/2018 23:40
i lov u chase
Toasty430 05/14/2018 20:46
hallo new frand
poxem 05/14/2018 20:40
u hav gud hart
niIbert 05/14/2018 19:56
Haha :) Love the animation & message! Super smooth. I can tell that you've put a lot of effort into it ;)
FG_FatalHydra 05/14/2018 19:44
Hey, look at the new toons, in oldschool, and comment for -SherlockHolmes- Tell him you care, that there is hope, and show your support for him!!!!
sealegs 05/14/2018 19:08
takashisenpai18 05/14/2018 18:33
DapperVoxlyy, so damn true
DapperVoxlyy 05/14/2018 18:27
even if u only hav 1 friend
any friend is better than no friend
pixelchan 05/14/2018 18:18
god i love this style. what are their names/ XD
Picodoux 05/14/2018 17:21
This is pure masterpiece at its finest