A little gift for @Zcless

09/11/2017 21:13
i know its pretty bad, and the frame copying... but i wanted to make this because i really want you to feel better... i hate seeing you down and when your down, i get a bit down... i really want to help you... but i really don't know how... idk if you will see this... you've been gone for quite a while and im getting worried... i hope your alright... and i hope you feel better... if you do see this, pm me if you need to talk <:), Im willing to help... Song --> Ending, Isak Danielson. and i would make music animations for my friends and inspirations but... im low on spiders... i now have 100 spiders... so whenever i get more, i will choose who get what <:3
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Hihello68__ 09/16/2017 18:14
for flare
infernothekitty 09/16/2017 00:36
MarcusMortem 09/15/2017 13:44
DogAnimator, wtf have some consideration for others bitch
iaintdumb 09/14/2017 21:42
http://toonator.com/profile/levelup this is were i can hide it if its ugly or bad im giving this a good
Doommakerguy 09/14/2017 19:26
the edge tho
Chaos55t 09/14/2017 17:21
flare-tale, Plz feel better :C
disappoint 09/14/2017 17:12
lexsey, DogAnimator, This animation wasn't meant to be anything "exciting" and meant for toon of the day. It was meant for a dear friend of flare in an attempt to make them feel better.

Flare's just trying to help and not get it in toon of the day and stuff. At least show some appreciation to them for being a good friend.
flare-tale 09/14/2017 17:09
DogAnimator, i hope you realize that I never asked for toon of the day
Jeez can this day get any fricken worse?
Chaos55t 09/14/2017 17:07
DogAnimator, Hey don't be mean!!!
DogAnimator 09/14/2017 17:00
I'm sorry...but whhaaatt?? Toon of the day???? and the rank that you are?? u could of at least drawn two frames and then copy and pasted those. i get that this is for zeec or whatever, but seriously? i could think of so many better animations to get toon of the day the fur movement is ok i guess, but it looks choppy with all the c and p. whatever m gonna get so much friggin hate but whatever ban me idec but this just isn't good