07/08/2018 09:18
rules: use these colors only (white is allowed) background must have a pastel color (no white background) picture or animation is allowed, gore is mandatory. prizes: 3rd, lineart (of your pfp oc). 2nd, colored art (of any oc). 1st, colored (and slightly blended) art of main ocs (can only go up to three). I hope you all enjoy! due by jul 25!
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Mystyck 07/15/2018 18:44
Mystyck, Oops, not that one, the title messed up in it
Mystyck 07/15/2018 18:43
Sketched-hope 07/15/2018 17:54
Sketched-hope 07/15/2018 16:50
Sketched-hope, w ai t nvm sorry-
Sketched-hope 07/15/2018 16:49
can I blend the colors together? ow o "
RynboRazMaTaz 07/14/2018 15:53
SGandQuatstudio 07/13/2018 10:26
_ralph_, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
welp im gonna have to find out how to take screenshots then (even though my laptop might not let me take them imma try)
_ralph_ 07/13/2018 10:05
SGandQuatstudio, toon broke
Idk i guess it ran out if disk space again
SGandQuatstudio 07/13/2018 09:33
_ralph_, ??? what do you mean???
_ralph_ 07/13/2018 09:31
SGandQuatstudio, toon broke