Something I wanted to adress.

09/12/2017 15:52
Toonator, in my opinion, has become more toxic recently, with many people linking their stress and anxiety having to do something with toonator. We also have very toxic users that I will not name. Toonator, in my opinion, has been at an all time low when it comes to active users and I want toonator to go on because it is an amazing site, but the community is growing more and more toxic by the day it almost hurts beacuse I've been on here for quite a while.
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dankminecraftkid 10/03/2017 07:34
dankminecraftkid 10/03/2017 07:34
this has been copied
hjkuhjio 09/25/2017 17:52
Sp3ctrum 09/15/2017 07:08
hjkuhjio, lol not really.
hjkuhjio 09/15/2017 01:20
Sp3ctrum, remember that ?
TinyToons 09/13/2017 22:06
I do agree that this site has become more toxic but some people vent here because they have nobody to talk to in real life.
Morninqq 09/13/2017 18:22
LivingDeadDolls 09/13/2017 14:56
bobthedragon, thank you
Goodly68 09/13/2017 12:15
Wow there's likea whole active community to this website...
TKninjas 09/13/2017 10:29
bobthedragon, Wow, that was really in depth. You're right about it all.