01/06/2017 13:44
nom nom babies
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Elle5 07/09/2017 10:40
So incredible! You are so talented And amazing!
warriorcatss 05/10/2017 16:13
DustShine 02/22/2017 14:31
_RELAX_, I'm sorry but what do you mean?
_RELAX_ 02/22/2017 06:51
you in time to passersby
winged_warrior 01/13/2017 20:42
DustShine 01/12/2017 21:06
winged_warrior, Aww Thanks so much!!! I'm glad that I am showing improvement, or at least I know for sure I changed a lot compared when I first started >///<
winged_warrior 01/11/2017 19:10
MAN DIS IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep getting better and better everyday!!!
DustShine 01/07/2017 18:34
PichuChespin, Because it's just a doodle, I wasn't expecting this many people to ask XD I just got a random idea and I went with it, so, yeah.
PichuChespin 01/07/2017 14:59
why not show what the baby did?
DustShine 01/06/2017 21:08
Princess-Anna, yEEEE I love Pastel gore the best, and I like drawing gore, I just can't stand, ACTUAL gore.
KunaWolf, aAAA THANK YOU. Again I was thinking about making the son a character but I thought naw this is just going to show how cruel the mother is XD