A Dead Girl Walking (CA #5)

09/01/2017 06:03
basically supposed to be an Oldschool toon, but eh, I used different shades. I was randomly watching Heathers edits and suddenly thought of Veronica Sawyer dressed up as Maria Reynolds. *hyperventilating*
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TinyToons 09/20/2017 20:26
AnnikatheLlama 09/09/2017 16:53
Sad_Angel57, damn i love that part! (lawrd show me how to say no to dis)
Sad_Angel57 09/09/2017 16:48
No sleep to night for u better chug that mountain dew
(ok ok) get your ass in gear totch me there no more talking love this dead girl walking
AnnikatheLlama 09/04/2017 03:15
Morninqq, "ham crazy woman" though, that made me laugh
AnnikatheLlama 09/04/2017 03:14
Morninqq, uh huh!
Morninqq 09/03/2017 16:56
she looks fabulous for a ham crazy woman
AnnikatheLlama 09/01/2017 22:28
Echogelato, thanks
(now i just have to animate JD as Alex so it makes sense)
Echogelato 09/01/2017 22:27

Dead girl walking

(I love this by the way)
AnnikatheLlama 09/01/2017 21:51
bear4life, me too :DD
bear4life 09/01/2017 21:37
i love heathers and hamilton <3