02/29/2016 22:59
He looked so happy at first... poor little guy. ;.;
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niki_91 03/05/2016 17:34
holy crap that looks amazin o3o
Fireball321 03/02/2016 20:40
this is amazing nice job!!!
preeng 03/02/2016 11:08
OooOOo.. so close `~`
MiddayTheWolf 03/02/2016 03:18
oOEvensenOo 03/02/2016 01:45
have someone looked at the wikki/help on this site? someone is realy mad on someone. BTW very good and smooth animation. NICE!
TKninjas 03/01/2016 19:35
Omg, there are so many comments to respond to :> But I'll try

RainbowExplosion, That means a ton. ^^ I really appreciate it!
PopFiz, Thx!
_Jellie, ... *doesn't know what to say*
jasminetease, yes, he was a gud man. plus he owed me five bucks
KAnimate, lol ur so wise
sarius2358, Aww... That's very kind of you!
Powerlifter, thanks bruh
renn-renn 03/01/2016 19:34
loves thissss
RainbowExplosion 03/01/2016 19:22
Beautifully animated, holy crap.
KunaWolf 03/01/2016 18:20
what actually happens when you see a monster die in undertale
PopFiz 03/01/2016 17:13