Meet the artist! :0

02/04/2018 20:26
I finally (re)did this thingy! The name "Serulii" comes from the color "cerulean" (since I love the color of the sky and "azure" didn't sound quite right)--anyways i'm actually just a nerd who likes to draw lol #gonerds
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Serulii 07/09/2018 20:00
Munny, ahaha i have waaay too many... i need to give them away xD
Munny 07/08/2018 18:22
So A I hate spooders too all though I dont have any and who knows how many you have...
Serulii 07/03/2018 18:25
FennixFox001, lolll zip binders
FennixFox001 07/03/2018 06:39
'Zip blinder of life' cool (btw in only around 10)
AnnikatheLlama 05/25/2018 02:04
holy shish i can relate to you on a spiritual level
Serulii 05/12/2018 21:52
CuriousClaws 05/12/2018 21:07
she hates eggplants ;-;
ILaughAlot 05/06/2018 15:24
Serulii #gonerds for the win!
ILaughAlot 05/06/2018 15:24
Serulii Yay! Honestly I feel honored just by you agreeing for me to do this! XD
Serulii 05/05/2018 22:07
ILaughAlot, ahhh sure!! of course i don't mind (i feel honored tbh xD)