10/22/2017 00:24
I worked hard on this X'D Plus I was just gonna have his arm over the character, but I also decided for the other one to be creepin' up and actually making it look sorta like a hug or like he's gonna pull the person closer to him. -w- Also dang Petko you can stretch that tail tho! And yeah, I wanted to animate this weekend but I just didn't feel like it, ya know? I would call it an animator's block, but I was able to draw regular drawings just fine, so idk what's wrong. I might take hiatus on animating so that I can be on DA more, trying to get used to it again ya know?
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Fluffowuffo 12/31/2017 22:13
warriorcats2600, Happy new year to you, too! ^w^
warriorcats2600 12/31/2017 20:20
happy new year fluff!
warriorcats2600 12/31/2017 19:26
haha done adding
warriorcats2600 12/31/2017 17:21
warriorcats2600, wait no need to add tail:
warriorcats2600 12/31/2017 17:20
I did it!!
wengie 12/30/2017 07:38
B1uMoonGirl 12/19/2017 16:49
Fluffowuffo, no idea why its doing that. it wasnt good anyway. oh well
Fluffowuffo 12/18/2017 22:18
starskies123 12/18/2017 21:01
Fluffowuffo 12/16/2017 21:35
starskies123, Who is it, then?