09/10/2017 10:42
*Regrets typing in the name* But uh, just random creature doodling, not much to say XP
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-Laiminka- 10/03/2017 07:03
papyrus_is_bae22 09/11/2017 11:51
lol i saw you doodling this thing in communications XD
Awkward__Artist 09/10/2017 21:09
I like how the tails are just flying everywhere like crazy, this is very well done
the-catmaster 09/10/2017 17:56
aye girl
RoseFlame 09/10/2017 11:17
SeaOfSecrets, Ah right the tails, there is two tails and technically it is the swooshy movement of the tails, but I made it too fast, making it look odd ^-^'' But thanks! KingQie, Elle_5, Thanx uuu <3
RynboRazMaTaz 09/10/2017 11:15
i want to go to TIER 15
KingQie 09/10/2017 10:55
noicely done
SeaOfSecrets 09/10/2017 10:49
This is really amazing despite the tails ( if they are tails anyway ). they are moving way too oddly and way too fast.
Elle_5 09/10/2017 10:45
RoseFlame 09/10/2017 10:45
dragonspiritbond, narwhale220, ty uwu ToonaToon, It's new, I usually doodle creatures on a sketchbook irl, and thank you! ^^