fuck okay so

04/13/2017 23:09
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TwilightSushi 04/14/2017 17:08
lonelycousin, Same? Someone asked me to read their story and got mad when I read 6 paragraphs in 2 mins
lonelycousin 04/13/2017 23:16
Yuki142080, aa thanks i guess. i dont read nearly as much as i used to tho. used to get made of lel
Yuki142080 04/13/2017 23:15
lonelycousin, no thats really cool actually
lonelycousin 04/13/2017 23:14
Yuki142080, i read too fast embarrassingly enough
Yuki142080 04/13/2017 23:10
lonelycousin, i cant believe you read it that fucking fast im
lonelycousin 04/13/2017 23:10
i,,,love this
Yuki142080 04/13/2017 23:10

I don't even understand how younger me thought of all of this tbh
Yuki142080 04/13/2017 23:09
once there were these 2 rulers of light and dark, and you see they didnt exactly get along well. So one day they got in this huge argument which eventually started a fucking war. They didnt want to harm any of their people in the kingdoms though, so they decided to choose 1 kight from each of their kingdoms to fight eachother. Each knight went through these 9 trials, a trial of Bravery,Loyalty,Awareness,Fear,Vanity, Sorrow, Greed, Caution and Strength. If they passed, then they would go and fight. After each knight was picked, their battle begun. It somehow lasted for a while, but eventually the Light side LOST!!!! SHOCK!!!!! The dark eventually gained more power and took over the light kingdom yada yada yada. a Decade later, one of the servants of the dark ruler was tired of their bullshit and decided to secretly escape and go and train to try and fight the ruler theMSELF!!! WOW BRAVE!!! Incase they lost the battle though,, they decided to tell someone about this, but they didnt want to tell an actual person because you know some people just cant keep secrets. So they eventually found Kero and told them about their plan to fight the ruler. They told them if they lost, find someone and train THEM so they could fight the ruler and try to kill them that time. Time skip,,,..,.,.,,.the time comes to where they decide to fight the dark ruler. they get beaten to a bloody fucking pulp but its okAY!!! The dark ruler kept their reign on the land for centures and centuries, hundreds of people Kero taught and trained with had attempted to beat them but they all had failed :(((( Till this day, the ruler still rules over until someone eventually kILLS THEM and their dark knight person.