P & V part 2 (+18)

01/09/2017 21:41
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HunnyB 01/09/2017 22:44
im ded *faints*
Keyww 01/09/2017 22:06
Keyww 01/09/2017 22:06
Kancer, I have all my other pages full of kittens or fail videos.
and I can easily go into the comments.
UndeterminedFate 01/09/2017 22:04
Keyww ooo someones horny
Kancer 01/09/2017 22:04
Keyww, You don't, but your parents will *SUDDENLY PARENTS WALK INTO ROOM*
Keyww 01/09/2017 22:03
Kancer, i'm 10
I don't get mad bout this its beautiful
Kancer 01/09/2017 22:02
Faithro, Yeah, my only problem is that it is gp, if it was out of gp I would have no problem and probably would've started this argument in the first place, my goal isn't to get people frustrated for hating of a actually very good artist and animator and a pretty good storyteller but rather to have the person I am arguing with think a little bit
Keyww 01/09/2017 22:02
omg XD
KoonWulf 01/09/2017 22:02
kesisjksdfjkl; p anaon om g
Faithro 01/09/2017 21:58
Kancer, i know i know, i'm sure it happens alot
i'm glad anonymous can't post toons because parents would be losing their shit haha