08/02/2017 03:19
for my avatar I guess
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Dragon_Animator1 11/24/2017 14:25
even if you dont make long animations it still looks amazing :D
Moritatun 08/20/2017 11:53
I love teh blood. I can't get enough of gore. Especially cute gore, like this. Sorry, I'm SUPER sadistic.
Heratani 08/06/2017 20:04
Ah thank you guys! I'm not so active here so yeah haha
MarcusMortem 08/06/2017 19:11
This is literally so friggin' gud- where's your animator rank???
starbarry 08/04/2017 10:39
so cool ;w;
Lilly_Fire 08/04/2017 10:24
U ate alot of ketchup :o
TheCoolerKid 08/03/2017 17:13
nice @-^
SeaOfSecrets 08/02/2017 21:50
Heratani, no problem!
sealegs 08/02/2017 21:40
i fuggin love this
Heratani 08/02/2017 20:48
Oh my I'll make sure to make longer animations next time, thank you guys for warning me!