07/25/2017 07:08
I'm sorry if someone's character isn't their oc, I just couldn't find any of your ocs (if you had them). So I replaced them with something that'll represent you. Also if someone is missing an eyeball or some dots somehwere it's not my fault, toonator is being glitchy. Btw don't consider it a run cycle lmao it started as a walk cycle but came out crappy enough to turn into a running one and it looks horrific, but since the drastic looks change in every frame we can't see it so well so it's fine, I guess.
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jojoanims 02/15/2018 09:35
DapperVoxlyy 09/22/2017 05:18
AH! how did I not see this sooner?? I love this!!!!!!!!
BrightZ-XX 08/29/2017 09:02
ToonUser123, She didn't add you? Don't expect to be in it

but not saying you should not be in it
ToonUser123 08/22/2017 13:11
Where am I? :(
__FusH__ 08/22/2017 09:27
I'm not in it xd

I'm not mad i'm not in it tho, it's completely fine-
IAlwaysWaitMore 08/14/2017 09:24
BCManimator, Oh sorry! I didn't add you because it seems to be the first time we're talking to each other and we didn't also know anything about each other! Still, so sorry for leaving you out like that! You're most definitely important and you matter, and your toons are very nice too!! Don't put yourself down! <3
BCManimator 08/14/2017 09:20
oh, every time i see one of these, i feel pushed down into a corner of no importance cuz no one likes my toons enough to even say: "oh. your toons. uhh, i gtg!" and the only friend i have is lightedDarkness.
Elle5 08/02/2017 10:58
Sketchawolf 07/31/2017 18:48
Coll! To bad I'm not in here. XD
IAlwaysWaitMore 07/31/2017 12:34
Tordie, It's cool!