♦-Story time-♦ Episode 1

03/19/2017 08:26
YAY! UH! WELL IM SORRY for the copy pasting so much! its a comic. . . inspired by a creepy pasta i read and i desided to make a little comic about it. . . this comic includes : Endless Styles , Mic_Muffin_Wuffi and me! i will make more and there will be many more ppl. . . CYA!
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AdeleBravelee 04/01/2017 10:21
Oh wow, that's really cool, can't wait to see more!
Animaaator77 03/25/2017 15:28
Im so inspired! may i make a comic like this too?
WaffleMonster 03/25/2017 10:24
I've heard of this story before!
Instead of a normal woman.
It was a witch
K-dubs 03/21/2017 15:11
can i be in one? (i don't wanna die though, unless i have no choice.) Here's what I look like!
MELONNIE 03/20/2017 22:24
can I be in it ?
sophiescat 03/20/2017 17:34
is this true 030?
dragonz4life 03/20/2017 17:18
Sass-Crystal, yes sorry but its not dat scary. just saying. make one that very very very scary. plz.
Sp3ctrum 03/20/2017 15:29
Sass-Crystal 03/20/2017 13:32
draw6481, . . .
draw6481 03/20/2017 13:31
what should i animate