03/10/2018 19:26
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Fluffowuffo 03/18/2018 19:44
Kotsuko, djaojeoirjei arigatou ajefoiejfi
Kotsuko 03/18/2018 19:38
amazingness,..... i look up to you again, senpai!!! ;w;
Fluffowuffo 03/16/2018 16:55
FluffCloudDrawer, Why would calling someone a nickname be perverted? How would it be perverted? It makes zero sense since there's not even anything hinting to anything perverted. XP
FluffCloudDrawer 03/16/2018 16:51
Fluffo, I believe "Nighty-chan!~<3" and it made bearthecraziest2 say that comment I'm not going to say.
Fluffowuffo 03/13/2018 13:01
bearthecraziest2, ... What? What is? What are you talking about?
bearthecraziest2 03/13/2018 12:59
that's fucking perverted.
Fluffowuffo 03/13/2018 12:13
NightSketch, Arigatou, Nighty-chan!~<3
NightSketch 03/13/2018 12:10
This is so smooth and beautifulllll eeeep
Fluffowuffo 03/13/2018 11:51
Redsmiles, Thanks! :D
Redsmiles 03/13/2018 11:50
Omg this look so great!